The Constitution Non-Report Reseach Project

using the AGOPPE research model  
Ask Questions | Gather Information | Organize | Prepare | Present | Evaluate  

Ask Questions

  1. Identify your research problem or question.  "What is your Constitutional Issue? What side are you on or how should this issue be resolved?" 
  2. Analyze the problem and develop or refine questions—WHAT DO YOU SPECIFICALLY WANT TO KNOW OR RESEARCH?
  3. Read about the topic or issue.

Gather Information 

  1. Gather keywords based on questions (Can you list them?).
  2. Search for the information (provided websites).
  3. Choose the best source of information!
  4. Record notes and bibliographic information (citations).

General Search 
Advanced Search
Website Resources

Organize Information   

  1. Summarize your findings.
  2. Draw conclusions and inferences--organize your learning.
  3. Prepare--how do you want to demonstrate your learning?
  4. Decide the best medium(s) to use to communicate the information.
  5. Prepare a draft, script, storyboard or drawing FIRST. 
  6. Prepare a Works Cited (bibliography)--consider using Microsoft Word.

Present OR share OR get feedback   

  1. Revise your first draft (use peer reviewers or a teacher to help you).
  2. Prepare your final product or project. (demonstrate your learning)
  3. Present the product to your audience.


  1. Evaluate the process and your product.
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