A Research Model Overview

Ask Questions | Gather Information | Organize | Prepare | Present | Evaluate

Ask Questions 

  • Identify your research problem or question
  • Read about the topic or issue
  • Analyze the problem and develop or refine questions—WHAT DO YOU SPECIFICALLY WANT TO KNOW OR RESEARCH?

Gather Information 

  • Gather keywords based on questions
  • Choose the best source of information (books, Internet, etc.)
  • Search for the information
  • Record notes and bibliographic information (citations)

Organize Information 

  • Summarize your findings—maybe use INSPIRATION
  • Draw conclusions and inferences
  • Prepare
  • Decide the best medium(s) to use to communicate the information
  • Prepare a draft, script, storyboard or drawing FIRST
  • Prepare a Works Cited

Present OR share OR get feedback 

  • Revise your first draft (use peer reviewers or a teacher to help you)
  • Prepare your final product (demonstrate learning)
  • Present the product to your audience


  • Evaluate the process and your product
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