Project for 8th Grade Student Service Learning (SSL) Through Advanced US History 8 - 2012 

Mastery Objective:  By the end of their research sessions, students will be knowledgeable about a public issue or community need and create a product that brings further awareness to the issue or need.    


1.   Choose a Public Issue or Community Need: 

  •  Assistance for People with Special Needs (Mental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities) 
  •  Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness 
  •  Vandalism 
  •  Discrimination 
  •  Public Health: HIV, Obesity, Health Insurance 

2.  Research the public issue or community need you chose and record important information on the note-taking spread sheet that is provided.  Include all of the following: 

  1.  Statement and definition of the public issue or community need 
  2.  Why the issue is important 
  3.  Statistics related to the issue or community need (e.g. number of people impacted, $ and   resources involved in resolving the issue, etc.) 
  4.  How society dealt with this issue in the past 
  5.  How the issue is being dealt with currently 
  6.  Current news stories related to the issue, with at least one hyperlink (or URL) 
  7.  What people can do about the issue or how other people can help with a community need  

3. Prepare a product that brings awareness to the issue (options follow):  

• Create a public service announcement about the selected issue.  

• Write a speech on the issue for a community audience.  

• Write a letter to a member of Congress or a local politician (can also use e-mail)  

4. Reflection:  Complete MCPS Form 560-51: SSL Activity Verification  


MCPS Homework Resources 

    Middle School -->History Reference Center--> Student Research Center - Type in topic

SIRS Knowledge Source --> SIRS Discoverer


#7. Media --> Online Resources--> Gale Virtual Reference Library-->Opposing Viewpoints in Contexct 

                                          --> Issues and Controversies 


#2 Applications--> Photostory 3 for Windows.


Note Taking Template 

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