Science -- Grade 7 -- Nutrition

Mastery Objective: Student will be able to evaluate and describe the effects of food on our bodies by creating a 5 day food menu.  



 Plan a 5 day menu of healthier lunches for the people who attend a soup kitchen.  

 You must create a lunch menu for a full week (5 days)

Each day must have:
  • entree
  • vegetable
  • grain
  • fruit/fruit juice
  • milk or alternative

You must describe the nutritional value of each item

You must describe how each items impacts two or more body systems (how does it help the body)

You need to present your information to the class. The presentation should include the entire menu for the week and should invovle all group members. It can be in any format you desire (poster, web site, powerpoint, displayed)


Request for Proposal - NIH 

Design-folio for Nuritional Menu Design RFP IS7-200 Step 2 worksheet 

 Design-folio for Nuritional Menu Design RFP IS7-200 Step 3 worksheet 

Government Information - Food Pyramid 

Menu Planner 

Fitness Jumpsite: Calorie Counter 


General Information

  • My Pyramid (you should begin here)
  • Nutrional Data (if you know your menu you can produce a nutrition label for your entire meal)
  • Epicurious 
  • More Nutritional Stuff (excellent sites that has links to everything you will need)

    On-line Grocery/Pricing

  • Net Grocer (will help with the nutrients in your food and the price)
  • Peapod (will help with the nutrients in your food and the price)
  • Example Menus/Planning 

  • Menu concepts  
  • Menu plans the easy way  
  • MCPS Menus  

    Menu Formats (Examples)

    Must Have Menus  

    Flair Menus  









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