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Mastery Objective:  

Students will be able to research a historical time period in order to appreciate the historical context of their books and share information with peers. They will also create a visual representation of a historical time period to present to their peers.  


You will work in groups to become experts about a particular topic of an era. You will take notes about your topic that you will use to present back to your “home” group. Each member of the group will have a different topic. You will present some type of visual aid that helps to enhance students’ understanding of the topic. 

Focus Questions (select one for your research):
1. What events led up to the Great Depression?
2. Where and when did the Dust Bowl occur, and what caused it?
3. What were the conditions and effects of a dust storm in the Dust Bowl?
4. How did the Dust Bowl and the Depression affect midwestern farm families?
5. What was life like for farm families who migrated to California ?
5. How did the U.S. government try to help victims of the Dust Bowl and the Depression?
6. What was the popular culture like during the 1930's? Give examples of music, literature, theater, on the other common pastimes. 



 MCPS Homework Resources 

All Grades - Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition, DE Streaming

Middle School - History Reference Center

See Edline Media Center page for login information


Dust Bowl Overviews
The Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
(History Channel)
The Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Websites
Surviving the Dust Bowl
(PBS: American Experience: see Table of Contents)
Drought in the Dust Bowl Years
The Dust Bowl (oral histories and documentary photographs from Oklahoma)
The Dust Bowl (A Webquest: see LINKS section)
Dust Bowl Diary
The Migrant Experience (American Memory/Library of Congress)
Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother" Photographs (Library of Congress)
An American Exodus: Displacement in the 1930's (about migrants)
Songs of the 1920's and 1930's (songs about the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression)
Dust Bowl Photos from Oklahoma page 1 page 2 (American Memory/Library of Congress)

The Great Depression
The Great Depression (Library of Congress Learning Page)
A Study of the Great Depression (many topics)
Riding the Rails (includes a timeline of the Great Depression)
The 1930's: A Time of Depression
The Great Depression, a Decade of Hardship
The Great Depression (a summary, part of a Thinkquest)
The Great Depression, a Great Disaster (a Thinkquest)
Author Website-Karen Hesse 

MLK MS Print Resources 

Note-taking template 

Out of the Dust PowerPoint template 


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