mlk logoAdvanced English 7 Essay 

Mastery Objective:Students will find evidence to support their position on an issue related to World War II.  


The topics are: 

  1. Should women in the military be allowed and/or required to engage in combat? 
  2. Should military/political leaders be held responsible for atrocities committed in war? 
  3. Should restitution be made to wartime victims? 
  4. Did the US make the right decision to inter Japanese Americans during WWII? (Why not Italian and German Americans) 
  5. Is it wrong not to offer help or assistance?  


MCPS Homework Resources - Online Resources provided by MCPS. See Edline Media Center page for logins and passwords for home use.

 Sirs Discoverer-- General reference resource for young researchers. 

 SIRS Issues Researcher - Covering the Leading Issues most studied and debated by students. 

Student Research Center - Current Issues


A Grave Wrong   

Women in Combat  

Women Warriors 

Weekly Reader – General  

GI Janes 

Should Women Be Allowed in Combat? Yes and No 


Note taking template - Decision-Making Model 
based on Graphic Organizers and Generic Patterns  © North Carolina State University  



Three items are due on Monday: 1) Bibliography 2) Organizer 3) Type written speech 


 Revised Note-taking Template [MS Word 2010]

Sample Bibliography 

How Do I Write the Speech? 

Speech Project Resources 















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