logoAdvanced English 8 - Historical Fiction

Mastery Objective:   

Students will be able to research a historical time period in order to appreciate the historical context of their books and share information with peers. They will also create a visual representation of a historical time period to present to their peers.  




 You will work in groups to become experts about a particular topic of an era. You will take notes about your topic that you will use to present back to your “home” group. Each member of the group will have a different topic. You will present some type of visual aid that helps to enhance students’ understanding of the topic.  

Civil War Topics 

Great Depression Topics 


Stock Market Crash of 1929

Fugitive Slaves

Dust Storms

Underground Railroad

Farm Foreclosures

Dred Scott Decision

Migrant Workers


Breadlines and Soup Kitchens


General Resources 


 Gale [password needed for home use]

   - American Civil War Reference Library 

Infobase eBooks 
[password required


    - Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition 

 MCPS Homework Resources 

    -EBSCO-History Reference Center > US History 

Civil War Resources 

 Civil War References [pdf]
Great Depression Resources 
 Great Depression References [pdf]


 Note Taking Template

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