Our Administrators 



Chris Wynne


Laura Marion

Assistant Principal

Erika May

Assistant Principal


Overall instructional leader of the school

 Sixth grade administrator- Discipline; IEP/EMT

 Eighth grade administrator- Discipline; IEP/EMT


 Seventth grade administrator-Discipline; IEP/EMT





Assistant Principals

Humanities Program

Math Department

Content Specialists/Resource Teacher

Team Leaders

Staff Development Teacher

Middle Years Programme

Administrative Secretary

Financial Specialist


Language Arts Department/ESOL

World Languages Department

PE & Fine Arts Department

Middle Years Programme

Media Specialist

Media Assistant

Main Office Staff

Building Services Department

Security Team

Humanities Program

Special Education Department

World Studies Department

Science Department

Alternative Education (Dream Makers)

Counseling Department

Counseling Secretary

Health Room Staff


Cafeteria Staff




Total School Community

School Improvement Plan

School Finances

Professional Development

Personal and Annual Leave

Staff Meeting Agendas

ILT Agendas

Community Relations and Communications

 Sixth Grade Activities

Testing Coordinator

Master Calendar

Grading & Reporting

Interims and Progress Reports

Observation & Evaluation Schedule

Bell Schedules


After School Activities

Building Use

Chaperone Duty Assignments

 Eighth Grade Activities

Other Duties as Assigned

Master Scheduler

Crisis Plan

Fire and Emergency Drills

Breakfast Program


Summer School


AM/PM Duty Assignments

 Seventh Grade Activities

Other Duties as Assigned

Administrative Assistant

Joanna Miller

Sherrie Cardea

Sherrie Cardea

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