Academic Awards and Arts Legacy Awards at Loiederman Middle School

Academic Awards

The awards below are given out annually to students who are completing their 8th grade year at Loiederman. They are selected by the 8th grade teachers at the school and awarded during the ceremony that marks the conclusion of a student's time at Loiederman. In addition to these awards, students at Loiederman may be recognized through the honor roll, on a roll (for students who do not make honor roll but are improving their grades), and through 8th grade student superlatives (which are voted on by the 8th grade class).

Brian K. Betts Great Strides Award

Awarded to one male and one female student who has consistently improved in academics and continued to make good decisions throughout the year. 

2015 Recipients: Djanee Booker & Dale Gotcher

2014 Recipients: Pedro Martinez and Ada Mejia
2013 Recipients: Evelyn Chirino and Francisco Villegas

2012 Recipients: Bryan Liriano-Hernandez and Briana Noda

2011 Recipients: Kelly Delgado and Abel Delcid

2010 Recipients: Nyesha McCallister and Julian Guardado  

2009 Recipients: Esteffani Zelaya and Kevin Tambis

2008 Recipients: Cecilia Villatoro and Milai Henriet

2007 Recipients: Sindi Guillen and Tony Caffi

2006 Recipients: Lizeth Vilema and George Zhu

Lion’s Pride Award

Awarded to one male and one female student who has consistently exhibited strong character, responsibility, perseverance, respect, and citizenship.

2015 Recipients: Mayah Mbangah and Khalil Abdul-Wakeel

2014 Recipients: Zachary Larew and Grace Hildebrandt
2013 Recipients: Zoe Frankfurter and Thorin Erb

2012 Recipients: Eljoy Tanos and Janelli Ciprian

2011 Recipients: Elizandra Vicente and Carlos Delcid 

2010 Recipients: Jasmin Marquez and Maynor Requeña

2009 Recipients: Gabrielle Van Horn and Dawit Blackwell

2008 Recipients: Sulma Iglesias and Kyle Louviere

2007 Recipients: Monica Gutierrez and Augusto Silva

2006 Recipients: Sonia Matos and Julio Deras

Loiederman Legacy Award

Awarded to one male and one female student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding character, excelled academically, and participated in school activitiesan all around great student!

2015 Recipients: Zahra Barnes and Lennox Elrod

2014 Recipients: Cameron Rucker and Leia Walker

2013 Recipients: Phenon Murphy and Jordan Patrick

2012 Recipients: Ian Ishida and Victoria Nelson

2011 Recipients: Olivia Antezana and Darien Waters

2010 Recipients: Sarah Hirsch and WinnerNguyen

2009 Recipients: Kyana Waters and Jonathan Perl

2008 Recipients: Jair Castiblanco and Nadine Postolache

2007 Recipients: Miriam Assayag and Phung Tran

2006 Recipients: Nicolette Harley and Ben Thompson


Special Recognition All As over the last three years

2015 Recipent: Emily Hirsch

Arts Legacy Award Winners

Digital Arts (Film, Art, Music)

2015 Sam Greitzer and Ayse Erbas- Film

2014 Fucheng Li and Celia McCarty - Digital Art

2014 Daniel Tobar and Jessica Combs

2012 Olivia Geyer and Elijah Cole

*2011 Sylvian Tambis and Daniel Varillas

*first year for award

Visual Art

2015 Lennox Elrod and Elizabeth Perl

2014 Alexander Nikitn and Abby Tunguia

2012 Sydni Young and Mekka Prayoga

2011 Dina Orellana and Jasper Saah
2010 Nora Manzella and Marc Cioffi 

2009 Gabrielle Van Horn and Jordan Levine

2008 Mineydis Dubernay and Milai Henriet


2015 Munirah Ramadhan and Ryan Vyskocil 

2014 Leia Walker

2012 Madison Willette

2011 Maddie Harlow

2010 Michelle Carter and Matthew McLaughlin

2009 Lillian Varieur and Dawit Blackwell

2008 Aliyah Deville and Kyle Louviere

Instrumental Music

2015 Khalil Abdul Wakee and Michaela Miller and Khalel Robinson

2014 Daniel Barrios and Maria Amigos

2012 Victoria Nelson and Robie Moctezuma 

2011 Enidris Siurano-Rodriguez and Angel Avendano  

2010 Eilis Donohue and Eli Stopak

2009 Katherine Strosnider and Patrick Clark

2008 Victoria Boyajian and Jair Castiblanco


2015 Lasantha Herath and Zahra Barnes

2014 Jake Reed and Simone Hicks

2012 Katrina Young and Matthew Twillman  

2011 Darell Brantley and Bradley Stein

2010 Sarah Hirsch and Richard Torres

2009 Celeste Gregory and Jonny Perl  Daniel Barrios and Maria Amigos

2008 Samantha Arana and Antonio Graham

Vocal Music

2015 Ethan Zoz and Madeline Matson

2014 Anthony Cabiesas and Melanie Komolafe

2012 Rebecca Howell and Noah Chiet

2011 Jirah Mae Querubin and Ben Fleischer

2010 Erica Ferguson and Fernando Aguilar

2009 Katherine Richters and Eric Teran

2008 Shelly Dean and Marc Anastasi



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