LES PTA Cultural Arts Assembly # 2 - Dovie Thomason on Dec 7

Powerful Native American Storytelling . . . 

The wise, boisterous teaching tales of her Lakota and Plains Apache relatives come alive in listeners’ imaginations as Dovie Thomason shares her culture with understanding, sly humor and astonishing vocal transformations.  Told with elegance, wit and passion, her stories inspire delight in the spoken word and teach respect for values passed on through generations.  When Dovie tells stories from her own life and from her people’s experience, the result is a contemporary vision of the rich cultures of the First Nations of North America. 

Two back-to-back assemblies will be presented at Laytonsville ES on Friday, December 7 at 1:50PM (K-2nd) and 2:45PM (3rd-5th).