It’s that time of year again when the district develops the school calendar for the following school year.  Since last year, school districts across Maryland have been discussing how best to design their school calendars given the new time constraints placed on the length of the school year.  The current 20172018 school year is the first school year operating under these new rules, which are that school cannot start before Labor Day and must end before June 15.


MCPS has been meeting with focus groups of parents, staff, and other stakeholder groups and is seeking your feedback on how best to design the 2018–2019 school calendar.  Next year, the district will have even fewer days to work with than in years past to accommodate instructional and non-instructional traditions.


For a more detailed explanation of the calendar, as well as to see various examples of how the calendar could be developed, please visit the school calendar webpage.   If you would like to offer comment on the calendar, please do so using the drop box provided on the calendar webpage.