Greencastle Has Counselors Who Care!!!!

Greencastle Elementary Counseling

Mrs. Claris Brock and Mrs. Sarah Dommu

Our Counselors are…..

  • People who help all students do their best.
  • Listeners
  • Resources for teachers, parents and children.
  • Group leaders for students and parents.
  • Consultants with parents and teachers.
  • Members of the Educational Management Team (EMT) and Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Team.

Our Counselors Talk to Teachers and Parents About….

  • How their children get along with their classmates.
  • How their children are doing with their schoolwork.
  • How very special each child is.

Did You Know That our Counselors…..

  • * Talk to and listen to all students.
  • * Help students understand and share their feelings.
  • * Help students get along with others.
  • * Help student to think about their future.
  • * Work with students in their classroom.
  • * Help groups to listen, learn and grow together.
  • * Help with referrals inside and outside of the school.

It’s Easy To See and Talk with Mrs. Brock or Mrs. Dommu

  • I can ask to visit the counselor by leaving a note under her door.
  • I can go to her office with my teacher’s permission.
  • My teacher can recommend me.
  • My parents can request her services.
  • My principal or Assistant Principal can suggest that I see her.
  • She may send me a note to invite me.


The Elementary School Counselor extends help to all children, not just the problem or troubled child. The counseling program supports and complements the efforts of the classroom teacher to facilitate your child’s learning.