SHOWTime Sign Out


                 SHOWTime Procedures:


Students must get a SHOWTime pass from their teacher ahead of time

If a student wants to go to the Media Center, he/she must get a pass from the Media Center ahead of time.


At the start of SHOWTime, students will sign-out using the electronic form found on the GHS website


They will show their filled out electronic form to their 4th period teacher along with their pass


Once they have permission to leave, students will promptly head to their SHOWTime location


Students are required to stay in their SHOWTime location for the rest of SHOWTime. Students may NOT go back to their 4th period class.

If they have a pass to go to another SHOWTime location, they may repeat the process by filling out the electronic form to sign out of class and show the form and SHOWTime pass to their teacher. Once they have permission to leave, students will then promptly head to their second SHOWTime location.


              Important Notes: 


All students must fill out the electronic form to sign-out of class and state where they are going


All students must have a designated SHOWTime pass (no agenda books, sticky notes, or handwritten passes)


SHOWTime passes may only be laminated if they have an administrator’s initials on them


Students may not go to the bathroom or get water during SHOWTime unless it is an emergency


If a student does not abide by these rules, SHOWTime privileges may be revoked by the 4th period teacher. If it is a recurring problem, a referral to administration can be given by the 4th period teacher.



Teachers should communicate with one another about whether students are arriving at the designated places. If a teacher receives an email saying the student has signed-out but the student does not show up, that teacher should email the 4th period teacher and let him/her know. The 4th period teacher can then discuss with the student what happened and decide consequences from there.


The National Honor Society offers tutoring during S.H.O,W.-Time. 
Please Email Mrs. Jennifer Gable to set up a showtime tutoring session:
We also will offer limited after school tutoring. 






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