The goal of the Gaithersburg High School Dress Code, as created by staff, students, and parents, is to help ensure that a serious and proper learning environment is maintained at all times. To be fully effective, we ask for the understanding and cooperation of both students and parents.
Under no circumstances are personal private areas to be exposed in a way that is inappropriate for a school setting. Standards of dress are expected to reflect the academic and business atmosphere of Gaithersburg High School.

Dress Code

  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • T-shirts or other clothing which communicates a message related to alcohol, drugs, profanity or other inappropriate language, gangs, sexual innuendos, or weapons MAY NOT be worn.
  • Spaghetti straps, crop tops, halter-tops, exposed midriffs, or visible undergarments are not permitted. The area between the neck and the shoulders must be covered by at least one inch of fabric.
  • Skirts must extend past the length of the thumb when arms are extended at the side of the body and must not show private areas when sitting, walking, climbing stairs or doing normal school activities.
  • Shorts must not expose private areas when sitting, walking, climbing stairs, or doing normal school activities.
  • Pants must be high enough on the waist to cover undergarments.
  • Head gear MAY NOT be worn once a student has entered the building.

As educators who care greatly about our students’ education and future and our school climate, we reserve the right to remedy the situation if, in our judgment, a student’s mode of dress detracts from our learning environment and mission as educators. Thank you for your adherence to our Dress Code policy.