College-Bound Student To-Do List

During spring of your junior year you should be researching colleges you would like to attend and making your list of colleges. Go to each college/university website and note the deadlines and requirements for each school on your list. Plan ahead to have the applications, essays, recommendations, test scores and transcripts done before the deadlines. Follow the steps below to get your paperwork done. (Deadline for materials discussed in 1-5 below, except Application for Graduation, is June 16, 2012.)

  1. Meet with your counselor to discuss your plans and receive a packet or sheet of information, depending on whether you want to do your paperwork online or hardcopy. (The rest of these steps apply to the online version of the paperwork. Except where noted, the links below are to documents intended to be filled out online and then printed. They can also be printed and filled out manually if you wish.)
  2. Email three of your teachers to request that they do a Teacher Feedback formFirst, open the file and save it to your local hard drive. Then, open your local copy of the file, fill out the top portion for each teacher, save all three versions of the file. Attach the appropriate file to an email to each teacher asking them to fill it out. The teacher can either email it to Mrs. Koenick, or print it out and put it in her mailbox.
  3. Do your Student BragSheet Adobe Acrobat Icon. Click on each link and save the files to your local hard drive. You can work on the files and re-save them until you are finished. Then print them and turn them in to Ms. Koenick.
    Note: Your brag sheets provide information to your counselor and teachers to enable them to write recommendation letters for you. The more complete and detailed your brag sheets are, the better letter they can write. Be sure to provide specifics related to work and volunteer activities, including how you earned your SSL hours.
  4. Ask your parent/guardian to complete the Parent Brag Sheet Adobe Acrobat Icon. Click on the link and save it to your local hard drive. Your parent(s) can work on it and re-save it until she/he is finished. Then print it and turn it in to Ms. Koenick.
  5. Print the  Release of student record form, complete it and turn it in to Mrs. Koenick. Print the Application for Graduation Adobe Acrobat Icon. Complete this form and turn it in to the Registrar, Ms. Chase by October 15. 
  6. As you begin to fill out an application, fill out a copy of the Transcript Request Form  Adobe Acrobat Icon, noting the documents and recommendations you need for that college. Circle whether the school requires a mid-year transcript and whether you are in CI. If you are in CI you must submit your unofficial MC transcript as well as the transcript request form and a 9x12 envelope, addressed to the college admissions office, with 3 first class stamps, for each college application.
  7. If your college requires a teacher recommendation, do the following: (Note that usually students ask teachers who already did an evaluation form to write the letters.)
    • Ask the teacher if he/she will write the letter.
    • Send the teacher an email with attachments: your student brag sheet; extra curricular checklist; resume; and/or, any other information you think would be helpful to them in writing the letter. If the letter is to be mailed with your other application materials, ask the teacher to return the letter to Ms. Koenick. If the letter is to be mailed directly to the school, give a stamped, addressed business envelope to the teacher.
  8. If you are doing a resume, you may use your own format or use Student Resume Sample Word Icon, which reflects the format and content many colleges are looking for.
  9. Mid-year transcripts require a stamped, addressed business sized envelope. Be sure to submit these envelopes by the time you receive your first semester report cards.
  10. If you are in CI, your mid-year transcripts and all transcript requests after first semester report cards are received should be accompanied by your official MC transcript. You can request that these are sent directly to the college from your myMC login or pick up them up at MC.
  11. The college you decide to attend will require a final transcript. Final transcripts require a stamped, addressed business sized envelope. If you are in CI, send your official MC transcript to the college as well.
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