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Career and Technology Education Staff
  •  Beryl Bell , Resource and teacher of Hospitality Mgt. (culinary) and Child Dev.
  •  Curtis Hochtman, Teacher Auto Technology
  •  Kevin Lester, Teacher Auto Body Lead
  •  Kellie Murphy,  Teacher Child and Adolescent Development & Preschool
  •  Vernelle Shaw, Teacher Career Preparation Internship Coordinator
  • Justin Ostry, Teacher Video Productions Academy Lead
  •  Lagail Taylor , Teacher of Cosmetology
  •  Michelle Wright,  Teacher Career Support, Career Seminar, and College & Career Research Development
  • Will Gant, Site Based Work Experience (SBWE)

Student-Run Car, Computer Sale TBA

In the News

 Closed Doors, Crossed Fingers: Hard Times in the Auto Body Classroom, by Joel Gausten reprinted from the May 2007 issue of Hammer & Dolly.  An article about the program taught by Kevin Lester.  (File missing from original.)