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Business Studies Academy



Today’s business management professionals, entrepreneurs, or corporate employees assume a broad range of responsibilities involving decision-making, communications, teamwork, and financial and strategic planning. Example career choices for the Business Studies Academy include:

  • Accountant
  • Business Manager
  • Chef-Restauranteur
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Cosmetologist
  • CEO
  • CPA
  • Fashion Designer
  • Dress for Success Consultant
  • International Business Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Information Systems Technician
  • Insurance or Real Estate Manager
  • E-Services Marketer
  • Personal Shopper
  • Salon Owner


The Academy of Business Studies allows students to explore college preparatory and knowledge based business applications in marketing, finance, organizational management and entrepreneurship. Existing within this academy is the Academy of Finance (AOF), a highly specialized, nationally supported, financial education strand. For those with entrepreneurial spirit, both general entrepreneurial processes and those specific to the Hospitality and Cosmetology management fields are taught.

Because of the diverse nature of this academy, students will have ample opportunity to thoroughly explore the world of business in a stimulating and challenging learning environment. Students are required to take three or more credits of coursework in their selected academy.

Business Studies Pathways

Specialized Business Studies 
  • Required Courses:  
    • Career Seminar
    • College Career Research Development
    • Cooperative Work
    • Site Work Experience

Hospitality Management

  • Required Courses:
    • International  Cultures & Cuisines — Prostart 1
    • Culinary Essentials — Prostart 2
    • Hospitality Management Internship

Design Merchandizing (Elective Program,

  not a completer for Graduation)

  • Required Courses:
    • Design Merchandizing 1 & 2
    • Design Merchandizing Internship

 Business Management


  • Required Courses:
    • International Business .5
    • Personal Finance .5
    • Accounting I A/B
    • Entrepreneurship A/B
    • Internship






  • Required Courses:
    • Marketing A/B
    • Entrepreneurship A/B
    • Advanced Marketing A/B
    • College Class - College Institute - Optional
    • Internship


National Academy of Finance  (Articulation with Montgomery College) 


  • Required Courses:  



    • Accounting A/B
    • Advanced Accounting A/B
    • Entrepreneurship/Business Mgt A/B
    • Securites - Student Managed Investment Fund .5
    • International Finance .5
    • Financial Planning .5
    • Banking and Credit .5


  • Additional Requirements:
    • College Course (BA 101)
    • Summer of Junior Year - Internship Completion 



  • Required Courses:
    • Principles & Practices of Cosmetology 1st year
    • Advanced Cosmetology & Theory 2nd year
    • Mastery Cosmetology 3rd year
  • Licensure Requirements
    • 1500 hours
    • Pass the Maryland State Cosmetology Board Exam
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