Ms. Bernadette White Director of School Counseling Services email  

Counselor         Student Last Name
White                       A – Bam

Culque                   Ban – Chi

Jarquin                   Cho – Esc

Ramirez                 Ese – Hen

OuYang                  Her – Lem

Torres                     Len – Meri

Walker                   Merl – Perei

Ritchie                  Perez – Reyes

Pollard                      Ri – Sot

Colatrella                  Sow – Z

ESOL 1 and 2 Students:

Torres                         A – C

Jarquin                      D – Mel

Culque                      Men – Z

Other Caseloads

White                LFI and SCB Programs

Christina               Bridge Program


Counseling Office: 301.284.4600 FAX: 301‐284‐4702

Counseling Support Staff

Mrs. Geri Sliffman College/Career Counselor 301‐284‐4616 email  

Ms. Melissa Chase Registrar 301‐284‐4620 email

Ms. Johanny Perez School Counseling Secretary email  

Mrs. Lisa Koenick School Counseling Secretary/Transcript Coordinator email

Mrs. Maria Garcia School Based ESOL Counselor 301‐284‐4591 email  

Mrs. Teresa Wright Parent Coordinator email  


Services Offered   


School counselors help students make appropriate personal, career, and educational decisions. In either individual or in group sessions, the counselors: 

  • help students to achieve increased self‐awareness and feeling of self‐worth 
  • provide opportunities for students to discuss personal and/or social problems that may affect learning, motivation, and personal development 
  • assist students in acquiring decision‐making skills to make appropriate educational, career, and personal decisions 
  • provide testing and test interpretation to help students analyze their interests, abilities and values with respect to career awareness. 
  • meet annually with each student to plan an educational program consistent with his/her needs (Four‐Year Plan). 
  • provide information to students and parents about colleges, careers, and vocational schools 
  • take an active role in working with the administration to inform students and parents of guidance programs. 
  • act as student advocates in any reasonable cause. 
  • collect and interpret information needed for student conferences, e.g., Educational Management Team (EMT) meetings. 
  • work with teachers and parents to help students achieve their potential in school 


Procedures To See Your Counselor   


  • Although counselor assignments are made for administrative purposes, an "open door" policy exists. Students may make an appointment to see a counselor of their preference. Counselors are available to see students on a drop‐in basis before school, during lunch, and after school. 

Procedure for Parents   


In order to see your child's counselor, please call 301‐284‐4600 make an appointment. Counselors are more likely to be able to meet with you by calling ahead.  

Course & Schedule Changes   


Because staff members spend a great deal of time and energy developing an individual student's schedule during the registration and scheduling processes, they expect students to stay with their assigned schedules. Students requesting a change from AP or Honors to Regular class, MUST complete the appropriate form. Forms are obtained in the Counseling Services Department. Changes will only be made with approval from administration, counselor, teachers, and parents.  

Counseling Services Secretary   


The Counseling Services Secretary is the receptionist for all counseling services. He or she makes all the appointments for counseling conferences, contacts teachers for homework when a student is ill, and assists the home instruction teachers. Students who have changes of address or phone number should notify the Counseling Office.