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The goal of the Elementary English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) curriculum is to enable the English Language Learner (ELL), who is learning English as a new language, to develop the language skills needed to achieve academically, participate successfully in the school and classroom setting, and adjust socially to the U.S. culture.

ESOL Teachers

 ESOL Team


Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Casey, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Mendes, Ms. Bennett, Mrs. Osher, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Park, Mr. Miranda, Ms. Jones, Ms. Strachan

Information for Parents

Sites for Grades PreK-2

  • Literacy - an early childhood language learning site. Includes French, Spanish, and German.
  • Reading instruction and reading games for students in Pre-K-1. It's hard to believe this site is free.
  • ReadToday Join the reading revolution! Teach a child to read.
  • Martha Speaks.This site is good for beginning ELLs in grades k-2. It is advertised as a pre-school site but the stories are suitable forK-1 students.

Sites for Grades 3-5

Guidance Counselor

 Erin CocoMs. Coco
 Ms. Santi Ms. Santiesteban


 M Vallarino

Lainey B




Mr. Vallarino   Ms. Bernstein 
Ms. Vollmer


S Kharod


Ms. Kharod  
Ms. Lloyd
    K Max  S Papuchis  Shea  

Ms. Max Ms. Papuchis Ms. Shea    



Support Teachers


Hankins McCutcheon Oldroyd Lee
Ms. Hankins 
Reading Specialist
Ms. McCutcheon
Staff Development 
Ms. Oldroyd
Literacy Coach 
Ms. Toomey
Math Content Coach
Ms. Lee
Data Coordinator

Primary Talent Development  

Literacy Intervention Team:

 Brittany McCormick, Lorraine Shaw, and Cindy Hunt

Literacy Intervention Team 

Math Support

Gallentine Chu Brewer
Ms. Gallentine  Ms. Chu Ms. Brewer



Speech & Occupational Therapy 

Ms. Thoman
Ms. Panno
Ms. Dobey
Occupational Therapy


Special Education 

Capellman P Williams Ms. Mulrain Ms. Granetz Ms. Gilbert
Ms. Capellman Ms. Williams Ms. Mulrain Dr. Trupp; Ms. Gilbert
  Ms. Weitz