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Digital Citizenship


Please check out the Common Sense Media Link for information regarding Digital Citizenship for parents.



Fairland Internet Safety Agreement   

Internet Safety Agreement

Parent Resources

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Community Workshops

Encouragement! A PEP Online Class (November 2018) 


November 2018 Edition

Ways to Encourage Introverted Children

Setting Limits with Extra Challenging Children 

 3 ways you can support PEP this holiday season


December 2018 Edition

Power Tools For Power Struggles  Becoming an Approachable Parent

Your child needs to do something, but he refuses. You insist, he digs in—and the battle is on! Cooperation and harmony, ha! You will learn what really causes the struggles, get tips to avoid them, and figure out how to step out of the power struggle dynamic when you feel hopelessly enmeshed.

For: Parents of children of all ages 

When: Wednesday, December 12 from 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET 

Location: Your online device 

Cost: $22.50 member, $25 non-member

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