Health Room

Main phone number: 240-740-0642


Medications During School Hours 

All medications that are brought to school (even over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, etc.) must be administered under supervision. This policy covers even short-term use. Please contact our school health room technician, Ms. Jaunae Penn  to obtain the proper forms. If your child will need medication for the opening of school, please contact the school office (240-740-0640) ahead of time to obtain the appropriate papers. At no time may a student carry medication in a lunch box, pocket or book bag.



Health Forms


Form Number 


525- 12

Authorization to Provide Medically Prescribed Treatment (Release and Indemnification Agreement) 


Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication (Release and Indemnification Agreement)


Emergency Care for the Management of a Student with a Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis   


Student Accident Insurance


Montgomery County School Health Services


School Asthma Management Plan (English)     
Plan de Asma (Spanish) 


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