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Basic Safety Test

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


Only the person using the equipment may perform the starting and stopping of a piece of power equipment.


Wait till a piece of power equipment comes to a complete stop before leaving it.


Always cut toward yourself when using chisels and other edged tools.


Use the proper tool or equipment for what it is meant to do.


Report only serious accidents to your technology teacher immediately.


When using power equipment, remove or fasten loose clothing, neckties, or jewelry, and roll loose sleeves to the elbow.


Saftey rules should be your safety habits.


Wearing of safety glasses is only required when you are using the power equipment.


Check safety guards for proper adjustment and use them only for special machine operations.


You may use a piece of power equipment after you have observed a demonstration by your technology teacher and have taken a safety test on it.


Do not talk to a fellow classmate when they are using power equipment.


Using a power tool is good for waking you up if you are tired.


Always carry a portable power tool by its power cord.


If you are unsure of equipment setups or procedures ask one of your fellow classmates for help.


Don’t act foolishly in class, practical jokes and pranks can lead to an accident.


Report broken, dull tools or unsafe conditions to your technology teacher.


Clean up your scrap material after using tools or machines.

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