Arrival and dismissal are quite busy and the processes in place are designed to keep all of our Cheetahs safe! Please see below for a few reminders:

  • The parking lot has assigned spaces for staff only. Please use street parking if you are visiting.
  • Please do not use the bus circle to drop off or pick-up students.
  • Please do not drop off car riders in any other location other than Hillcrest Place – this includes at Rosemary at the crosswalk just before you turn into the circle, as well as the parking lot.
  • Bike riders and scooters should wear helmets and lock-up their rides at the stands on either side of the school building. We ask that students walk their bike and scooters when they are still on campus.
  • Students should exit the car toward the sidewalk/building side and NEVER on the street side.
  • Encourage your walking students to head home immediately after dismissal to check in before playing with friends in the neighborhood.
  • Notify the office of last minute changes to daily transportation.

Thanks so much in advance. Your efforts in adhering to these processes result in a very smooth start and finish to our day! Be kind and smile to your fellow Cheetah community.

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