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CCES NEWSLETTER, Sunday January 26th 2020
Here is the weekly letter that will be posted every Sunday on the CCES listserve to keep parents informed of current and upcoming activities and events. For returning families, please encourage new parents to sign up, so they don’t miss this important line of communication. This information is also posted on the school website, where parents can find the most recent updates and changes.  


This Week: 
Monday, January 27th: No school. 
Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 at 6:30 PM: Open Community meeting at B-CC with the MCPS team. 
Tuesday, January 28th from 6 – 7 PM: Special Presentation on “Keeping Our Schools Safe” at Richard Montgomery High School.
Looking Ahead: 
Wednesday, February 12th: General PTA Meeting at 6:30 PM with Ms. Holbert’s self-defense class, All Purpose Room at CCES.
Friday, March 20th: CCES Auction at Chevy Chase Village Hall from 7 – 11 PM.


School Communications:
Please make sure you are logging on your MCPS parent portal or checking out the CCES website for important communications from Ms. Smith, Mr. Gupta, and Ms. Roth. They are each writing articles in monthly newsletters that highlight what is going on in the classrooms at CCES and any other important information that they would like you to be aware of. There is lots of great information included, so make sure you are checking them out! 


Tuesday, January 28th, 2020, 6:30 PM: Open Community meeting at B-CC with the MCPS team.
In the coming months, MCPS will be selecting a new Principal for B-CC High School. On Tuesday, January 28th, the B-CC High School PTSA and Educational Foundation will be co-hosting their second community meeting to update families and students about the principal selection process and to offer community members a chance to provide input regarding priorities and opportunities for B-CC in the coming years. 
This meeting will be focused on the Principal Search Process. Please plan to attend and bring your questions and comments. As before, you can submit questions and comments in advance at bccptsacomment@gmail.com
Carole Brand
301-657-2547 home
301-807-4614 mobile


Tuesday, January 28th, 2020, 6 – 7 PM: Special Presentation on “Keeping Our Schools Safe” at Richard Montgomery High School.
The program will involve an in-depth conversation about gun safety – what it means for us and in the context of MCPS.  Our very own, Rob Wilcox, will be leading this special session before the MCCPTA January Delegates Assembly.  Rob had a large role in crafting the MCCPTA resolution that was passed at the last Delegates Assembly in December and is well-versed on this topic.  This promises to be an engaging and full discussion of this topic.  Childcare and food will be available, so please come to show your support of this issue and for Rob.  


February 12th General PTA Meeting at 6:30 PM: Self-defense with Ms. Holbert 
Interested in learning strategies for defending yourself in a dangerous situation? Tracy Holbert is your child’s art teacher (in case you didn’t know!), but also has a background in martial arts from her younger years. She was a karate student for nine years, was a teaching assistant for three years, and has earned three black belts. While she’s been out of practice, there are many simple techniques and strategies that she'd like to pass on to her students. Topics she will cover include: situational awareness, trusting your instincts, identifying vulnerable places on an attacker, and strongest parts of the body to defend with. Everyone will also get a chance to physically practice a couple of different wrist evasion techniques. The goal of this seminar is not to intimidate/scare students about danger but make them aware and more confident in their safety. Please plan to bring your student to this great community service event hosted by Ms. Holbert to show your support and to help your child be more aware of their surroundings!


Food and gift card collection for CCES families
Even though the holiday season is over, we are still accepting donations of non-perishable food items or gift cards (Giant, VISA, etc.) for our CCES families that are in the most need. For those that have previously contributed, we’d like to extend our gratitude to you for your aid, support, and thoughtfulness. Countless families have benefitted and will continue to do so through your generosity.  Donations can be sent to the office with a note saying “Donations to counseling room.” Thank you so much for your continued support. 


Join the PTA and contribute to the Cheetah Pride Campaign
You can still join the CCES PTA to show your support of the school and still donate to the Cheetah Pride Campaign to get your 2020 giving off to a good start as all contributions to the Cheetah Pride Campaign are fully tax deductible. Please remember that every dollar that is collected through the Cheetah Pride Campaign directly benefits your student. These funds are used for programming, events, teacher support, and much more. It's easy to donate!!! Either go online at www.pay4schoolstuff.com or, if you'd prefer to donate with a check, download the membership form from the PTA section of the CCES website and send it into school via backpack mail.


CCES_NET Listserve Migration to Groups.io
The CCES PTA has migrated the cces_net listserve to Groups.io, a new Groups service. Please send all listserve posts to CCESListserve@groups.io. The group homepage is located here. To reply to the person sending the message, you need to click on the email of the person posting in order to reply to just them and not to the entire group. If for some reason you are having issues receiving e-mails from Groups.io, please contact Jill Fioravanti at jillbfioravanti@gmail.com.
Other items of interest and additional detail:
Don’t forget to access and bookmark the school website which is the go-to place for school news, daily schedules, calendar items, the staff directory, and more: 

Hester Nguyen, VP of Communications,  (Gabe and Toby Nguyen, 3rd Grade)