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Mrs. Jenny Fleming 


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I am so honored and excited to continue as a staff member of the Burning Tree ES community for year two! 

You can reach me at

Check out the services I provide for Burning Tree ES students and families by reviewing my counseling brochure.

This year I am super excited to have a Counseling Intern join us through December!  Check out her intro and bio here.

2018-2019 Newsletters:


Check out our Red Ribbon Week celebrations!

Meeting with the Counselor

If a student met with me they receive a follow-up "School Counseling Notice".

Counseling Notice

If you ever receive a notice that I met with your child and/or have questions about my work with students, please feel free to contact me! I do have a private voicemail, we have AMAZING secretaries who will pass on  messages or feel free to email.

Lunch Bunch

Students may be invited to a "Lunch Bunch".  There are also opportunities for students to sign-up for a lunch bunch "just because".  If invited to a "Lunch Bunch" students will receive a note card with the date of their lunch, my signature, and I pick them up from the cafeteria.  A "Lunch Bunch" is an informal gathering for a variety of purposes: to get to know a student/students better, to boost self esteem/confidence, to problem solve, and to foster a positive, inclusive school environment.  Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Small Groups

If your child is invited to a small lunch bunch group, we will meet approximately once a week. Each time I meet with your child they have the opportunity to earn Class dojo points. If your child participates in a consistent small group, you will receive additional info about how to access our weekly agendas and your child's Dojo Report.


School Counseling:

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the things related to school counseling
  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, Emotional, Learning (C.A.S.E.L.)'s Top 10 Tips at Home
  • American School Counseling Association's (ASCA) Description and Explanation of Elementary School Counselors
  •  Play Therapy - A counseling approach which is a great, appropriate developmental match for elementary students.  Here is why.
Mental Health:
  • Bullying E-Book by Casey and Bella
  • Whole Child - An incredible wealth of information about recognition of the child as a whole (social, emotional, academic...)
  • Children's Safety is of paramount importance.  As employees of MCPS, every staff member is a mandated reporter of Child Protective Services concerns.  Check out these tips for pointers on how you can talk with your child and help them stay safe.
  • Mental Health Association, Montgomery County - MoCo's M.H.A. full of a variety of amazing trainings, programs and information.
  • Crisis Support 
  • Youth Suicide Support - A website specifically for youth/young adults created by the National Suicide organization
  • Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is May 1 – 7 in Maryland! Each year, the statewide Children’s Mental Health Matters (CMHM) Campaign connects Maryland families with the mental health resources.  For more information, please visit  
  • Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed 'disorders' today.
    • Check out some parenting tips for supporting anxious children.
    • Here is a parent presentation some local school counselors put together about anxiety.
Parenting Resources:
  • Parent Academy - Educational seminars and information to support parenting skills and knowledge
  • Family and Community - Tons of great resources for all of the families and communities in MCPS
  • Parent Support - Links and information specifically related to parents of MCPS students
  • Collection of Resources - A list I completed of different resources that may benefit you and your child
  • InfoMontgomery - Several important websites about resources in our county all organized in one easily accessible page
  • Military Family Support- Lots of resources for military families
  • Restorative Practices - BTES is embracing the Restorative Justice as part of the "BT Way"
  • Strong Voices is a program that other BT families have enjoyed in the past which promotes girls self confidence.
  • Career Info - Check out some of the cool, innovative ways MCPS is addressing careers.
MCPS Resources:

Activities @ Burning Tree with the Counselor:

  • Thank you to the parents who stopped by the K Parent Tea
  • Thank you to all of the parents who participated in the Wellness Committee!  We look forward to ongoing years of collaboration!

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or areas I can be of support!