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Stacy Ragsdale, ESOL Teacher  email

James Blount, ESOL Paraeducator  email

I'm an ESOL Para-Educator. I was a Special Education Para-Educator at the Elementary level in MCPS for the last 15 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Maryland. I am the product of MCPS, I went to Springbrook High School, Class of 1985. I played football and ran track in HS and college. I was always involved in mentoring, counseling, coaching, and/or any educational program that helped children or young adults. I have worked with children for about 25 years. I learn from students I work with just as much as I teach the about communication skills of different languages and cultures. 

In my spare time, I collect vintage watches and antique clocks. I also have my own vending machine business where I find and sell clothing items to clients. I am a personal shopper for clients who need assistance in finding certain clothing items. I am dedicated to educating children and helping them become strong people in society and equipped with the tools too be successful in whatever they chose to do when they become adults.  

My dad used to say, "It is not where you are from, it is where you are going." I try to pass that to my 8 year old daughter, Gabriella. Gabriella's mother is also in education and all three of us are a great team. 


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