Promoting Accurate and Fluent Recall of Math Facts 

At Bannockburn, we want to promote every 1st-5th grade student's accurate and fluent recall of math facts.  This is a complement to the theme of fluency (accurate, flexible, and efficient use of strategies) that characterizes Curriculum 2.0.  Fluent recall of math facts does not necessarily mean memorization of facts.  Students work towards proficiently applying strategies that help them solve computation-based problems as efficiently as possible. 

A Four-Part Program

  • At-School Practice

    Students use the online resource,, in addition to other classroom materials, games, and activities to improve their accurate and fluent recall of math facts.

  • At-Home Practice

    Students use the online resource,, to continue practicing at home.  All students in 1st-5th grade have been given an enrollment code and should access the site regularly.

  • Weekly "Mad Minute" Fact Assessments

    Students take a weekly assessment to measure their progress with math fact recall.  (1st and 2nd Grade: Addition, then Subtraction; 3rd-5th Grade: Multiplication, then Division) 

  • Weekly Goal-Setting

    Students chart their progress on a graph each week and reflect on their goal for the following week. 

    View the 1st and 2nd Grade Graph here.

    View the 3rd-5th Grade Graph here.


Questions can be directed to Bannockburn's Staff Development Teacher.

Ms. Shannon Garrett