Before starting this business proposal project with students, we would like to have guest speakers come to talk to the children about different businesses that are in the community.  We think this would be a great way for children to learn about local businesses.  This would also spark students’ interests and give them ideas for their own business proposal.  Depending on the number of volunteers, we will either hold a “Community Businesses Assembly” for all 4th grade classes or in individual homeroom classes.  The presentations would be held in the afternoon of December 19th.

What we need from parents: presenters!  If you, a family member, friend, your place of work or a business you know of would like to present to the 4th grade class, please contact by Monday, December 10th..

Presentations would be roughly 10 minutes per presenter.  During this time, you would speak about what it was like to start a business, what research went into creating the business, and how you came up with the idea.   If you are interested in presenting, please let Mrs. Tedesco know by December 10th.  Thank you again for helping us kick-off the next phase of our writing unit!


Mrs. Tedesco and the Grade 4 Team