Attention ALL Argyle Students!  Want to Invent the Future?

We are looking for interested students to participate in an Invent the Future after school club that will meet on Tuesday’s from 3:30-4:30 beginning February 6th

Think of an environmental problem, big or small, that needs to be addressed.  If you accept this challenge, you will be part of a team that dreams up an invention, but also design and prototypes that invention. You will use engineering, coding, and design techniques to turn your ideas into something tangible. High-tech or low-tech, mechanical or digital… What will you make to protect the planet? If this sounds like fun, then Invent the Future club is for you.


Want more information about the challenge?  Check out the Kids Museum website.

We will take our teams to the Design Challenge Gala in May.  You will showcase your projects and are eligible for prizes like tickets to Kings Dominion and the Kids Museum.

If you are interested, come see Mrs. Doerrman in room 130