Tutoring and Interventions

Through the use of classroom, district and external measures, students who do not demonstrate proficiency with grade-level standards will receive either tutoring or intervention support. Tutoring will occur before or after school by an MCPS employee or an external partner who has been trained to use the MCPS curriculum.

Models of MCPS tutoring include:

MCPS Tutoring

The following MCPS literacy/mathematics curricula will be used for High-Dosage Tutoring to support current grade level curriculum provided by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) staff outside the school day:

Eureka Math—A rigorous program that promotes deep and creative thinking among students. Eureka challenges students to manipulate and work with numbers on a much deeper level; connect mathematical concepts to the real world; and solve problems they have never encountered.

LearnZillion—Engages students through collaborative math discourse, inclusive instructional routines, and digital tools that promote critical thinking and reasoning.

Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante—Provides integrated reading, writing, speaking and listening instruction that supports pedagogical goals aligned with the Maryland College and Career-Ready English Language Arts (ELA) Standards. Benchmark Adelante is aligned with Benchmark Advance to support an efficient, developmental environment that reinforces the learning of Spanish and English, leading students to becoming biliterate.

StudySync—A comprehensive English language arts curriculum that combines digital instruction with targeted print to ensure students are engaged and motivated to access complex texts. StudySync prepares all students for the expectations of the Maryland College and CareerReady ELA Standards in reading, writing, speaking/listening and language.

Evidence-based Interventions used include:

Orton Gillingham (OG): Provides explicit, systematic and multi-sensory methodologies that can be implemented as a Tier III reading intervention for students who require intensive remediation in phonological awareness, phonics, decoding and encoding. Elementary, Middle and High School
Really Great Reading (RGR): provides explicit, systematic and cumulative Tier III reading interventions for students who require intensive remediation in the areas of phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, and encoding. There are three RGR interventions available for students: Countdown, Blast and HD Word. Elementary, Middle
iReady Math: Provides an explicit and systematic Tier III intervention for students who require intensive remediation in math. Elementary
iReady Reading: Provides an explicit and systematic Tier III intervention for students who require intensive remediation in comprehension. Elementary
System 44: Addresses basic literacy skills Middle and High School
Math 180: Addresses basic math skills to prepare for Algebra 1 readiness Middle and High School
Read 180 Middle and High School
iLit: Additional literacy supports for ESOL students in Grade 4, 5, middle and high school elementary, middle and high

All tutoring and intervention will be monitored using the following measures:

Tutoring Measures

Additionally, the intervention data collected for assessment and data analytics will be used to inform each student’s evaluation plan at the conclusion of each intervention/tutoring cycle. The evaluation plan will be provided to teachers and parents. The diagnostic data with daily progress reports will be included in the evaluation plan. In addition, MCPS will use the intervention data, along with multiple measures and anecdotal data, to evaluate the impact and efficiency of the approved intervention programs on addressing students’ loss of learning. Intervention attendance and usage will be used to measure success.