Grading, Attendance and Engagement

grading image


MCPS will use a more standardized and traditional grading system for the fall semester. While we anticipate that we will have to revise our grading system in certain areas, we want to ensure that we have a framework in place that reflects our students’ work, their learning and their progress.

Reporting Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. The Maryland State Department of Education has issued an expectation to school districts that daily attendance will be recorded.

A student will be marked present for a class in one of three ways:

  • Student attends a live virtual learning class via Zoom
  • Student completes an Attendance Check-in on myMCPS Classroom during a live or recorded class
  • Student engages in an online discussion thread on myMCPS Classroom during a live or recorded class

All attendance will be recorded in the new student information system and will be visible to parents through the parent portal.  In addition, ConnectEd calls and other parent outreach will occur regularly to inform parents if their child has not attended.

Parents/guardians must submit a note, phone call, or email to the attendance secretary if a student will be absent for a full or partial school day.  All absences for which no documentation is received will be listed as unexcused.


In order to monitor student engagement, MCPS designed and implemented a comprehensive student engagement monitoring program that includes multiple data sources and mobilizes staff and resources across the district in order to meet individual student and family needs. This fall, we will continue to analyze and track individual student engagement at the school and central office level, create agile outreach and case management action plans to address student needs, and analyze the quality of student engagement in addition to quantifying student engagement.