Recruitment of New and Experienced Teachers Exceeds Goals as Aggressive Hiring Initiative Secures More than 600

May 28, 1999
The Montgomery County Public Schools is continuing an aggressive and successful initiative to hire as many new and experienced teachers as early as possible for the upcoming new school year. The recruitment of teachers is now ahead of schedule.

As of this week, the school system's Department of Personnel Services has placed 641 new teachers under contract, exceeding the goal of 600 teachers by June 1. The department is continuing to recruit actively with the goal of having 700 teachers under contract by June 12.

A total of 900 teachers are expected to be hired by the opening of school. Nearly all of these new hires will be completed by the end of July, a target date much earlier than ever attempted before. The school system is anticipating the hiring of 1,200 teachers over the next school year, compared to 1,298 employed this year.

"The reported quality of the teachers hired thus far is outstanding," said Dr. Paul L. Vance, superintendent of schools, in an update to the Board of Education this week on teacher recruitment and hiring. The recruitment also includes significant diversity. Approximately 25 percent of the new hires are non-white and 20 percent are male.

Early contracting of teachers in critical shortage fields is also at an all time high -- 128 of the teachers hired thus far are in special education, 23 in foreign languages, 35 in mathematics, 29 in science, 14 in reading, and six in technology education.

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