May 10th and School Security

May 6, 1999
The following is the text of a message released today [Thursday, May 6] by Dr. Paul L. Vance, superintendent of schools:

"We must do everything possible to end the rumors about Monday, May 10. The rumor is that schools will be disrupted that day, here and around the nation. Reaction to this rumor has escalated to near hysteria, particularly in the secondary schools, and understandably so given the events in Colorado. Nonetheless, people need to know that the rumors are unsubstantiated. The leadership of county police, fire, and school system security has said there is no credible evidence suggesting any actual threat against our schools on that day. The rumor is a hoax designed to frighten and disrupt.

"All schools in Montgomery County will be open on time Monday, May 10, for a full day of instruction. Students are expected to attend school, and all staff will be visible, accessible, and ready for a successful day.

"I want to assure you that everything possible is being done to ensure that our schools are safe. Yesterday two 16-year-old adolescents were arrested for bomb threats at a high school in Montgomery County this week. The quick arrests demonstrate a special effort by police and fire investigators and school system staff to end such threats.

"Students and parents need to know that the school system is vigorously helping with the arrest, prosecution, and sentencing, as well as the suspension and expulsion, of any student involved making a bomb threat toward our schools. These are crimes and expellable acts, and we will treat them accordingly.

"We need your support and involvement to end the disruption of our schools."


Paul L. Vance

Superintendent of Schools

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