Board Meeting Summary: Board Reviews Computer Technology and Y2K Plans, Discusses State Legislation, and Agrees To Consider Special Education Program Moves

April 15, 1999
The Board of Education met in public session yesterday [Wednesday, April 14, 1999] and, among other items, received an update on computer technology integration and preparation for potential Y2K problems, discussed recently enacted state legislation, and approved consideration of possible special education program relocations. The Board also gave tentative approval to changes in its boundary and facilities planning process.

The Board approved preliminary plans for an 18-room addition to Wheaton High School and reviewed the latest monthly financial report. The Board also approved recognition of the National Week of the Young Child, National Professional Secretaries Week, Personnel Professionals Day, and National Volunteer Week.

Global Access Update

The Board received an update on efforts underway by Global Access Technology to address local school and systemwide computer needs and various "Y2K" issues affecting computer technology and programs at the end of this year. Updates were provided on the new Student Information System, the Human Resources Information System, the Warehouse Management System, the Library Materials Ordering System replacement, the Financial Information System corrections, the Transportation Fleet Management System, the Independent Activity Fund, and other systems.

Final Legislative Report

The Board received an update on legislative items considered by the 1999 Session of the Maryland General Assembly, including those regarding class-size reduction, school safety, school breakfast and nutrition, teacher education scholarships, teacher pensions, teacher bonuses, employment of retirees, and other items.

Special Education Centers Longview and Stephen Knolls

The Board agreed to consider the possible relocation of the Longview and Stephen Knolls school programs as part of the next capital budget. The Board said it would consider the relocation of Longview to the Northwest Elementary #6 site and the relocation of Stephen Knolls to Glen Haven Elementary School, along with facility and site modifications at both locations to accommodate the relocated program. The potential relocations were identified as the result of a review by the Special Education Centers Advisory Committee earlier this year.

Boundary Change Process and Long-Range Educational Facilities Planning

The Board tentatively approved for community comment amendments to Policy FAA on Long-Range Educational Facilities Planning regarding a revised process for school boundary changes. The amendments are designed to improve communications and community involvement, expand and improve both the development and evaluation of options, and upgrade the format of reports and work timelines.

Presentation of Preliminary Plans Wheaton High School Addition

The Board approved preliminary plans for an 18-classroom addition at Wheaton High School that will provide additional instructional and administrative space, expanded cafeteria space, and other facility improvements to address increased enrollment needs.

Monthly Financial Report

The Board received the monthly financial report as of February 1999 and year-end projections regarding revenue and expenditures.

National Week of the Young Child

The Board approved an observance of April 18-24 as National Week of the Young Child in reaffirming "its strong commitment to early childhood education and the importance of involving families in a child's education."

National Professional Secretaries Week

The Board approved the recognition of National Secretaries Week of April 19-23, with Wednesday, April 21, as Professional Secretaries' Day, in gratitude to the school system's secretarial staff "for their contributions to excellence in education and their contributions to the success of every student."

Personnel Professionals Day

The Board approved May 7 as Personnel Professionals Day in recognition of the "professionals in the Department of Personnel Services who perform personnel functions with professionalism and distinction."

National Volunteer Week

The Board approved the observance of April 18-24 as National Volunteer Week in appreciation of the more than 54,800 volunteers in the school system for "their assistance, generosity of spirit, and commitment to schools and young people." Last year, volunteers donated almost four million hours of service, the equivalent of more than 1,800 full time employees and $43 million.

Board of Education: Mr. Reginald M. Felton, president; Mrs. Patricia O'Neill, vice president. Members: Mr. Steve Abrams, Mr. Kermit V. Burnett, Mrs. Beatrice Gordon, Ms. Nancy J. King, Ms. Mona M. Signer and Mr. Geonard Butler, Jr., student member. Dr. Paul L. Vance, superintendent and secretary treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617

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