New Guidelines Outline Application Process to Establish a Public Charter School in Montgomery County

April 13, 1999
The requirements and process for establishing and operating a public charter school in Montgomery County are outlined in the Public Charter School Application and Guidelines packet, now available through Montgomery County Public Schools.

The guidelines provide important regulatory and policy information for establishing a public charter school, including the standards and requirements for the school's educational, organizational, and financial components, as well as the expectations for plans regarding facilities, staffing, management, and community support. The packet also includes references for technical assistance and other helpful resources, along with a checklist, timeline and flow chart, completion guide, and a budget worksheet.

The application process is governed by Montgomery County Board of Education policy approved earlier this year that established the criteria to evaluate proposals for public charter schools and assign responsibility for oversight.

By Board of Education policy, a public charter school may be established to provide a unique and innovative academic program designed to meet the needs of a diverse student enrollment within an educational environment that differs from traditional public schools.

For further information and application packets, contact the Office of the Deputy Superintendent for the Montgomery County Public Schools at 301-279-3127.

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