Health Curriculum Approved for Field Testing in Spring

January 10, 2007
Curriculum for Grade 8 and 10 Health Education Is Approved for Field Testing

Board Tentatively Approves Policy on Middle School Education

The Board of Education met on Tuesday (January 9) and, among other items, tentatively approved a policy on middle school education, discussed a report on middle school reform, and approved a Grade 8 and 10 Health Education curriculum for field-testing. The Board also discussed the annual report on Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence. The Board approved preliminary plans for three school buildings, made an administrative appointment, and approved the observance of African American History Month in February.

Revisions to the Grade 8 and Grade 10 Health Education Curriculum

The Board unanimously approved for field-testing revisions to the health education curriculum for students in Grade 8 and Grade 10. The revisions consist of two two-part lessons on respect for differences in human sexuality and a lesson on condom use for Grade 10 students that includes a demonstration video. The revised curriculum is scheduled for field testing in spring 2007.

Action on Policy IEB, Middle School Education

The Board tentatively approved revised Policy IEB, Middle School Education, with final adoption scheduled for the Board’s next business meeting on February 13, 2007. Final approval was delayed in order to provide new members of the Board of Education with the opportunity to review the policy more thoroughly. The policy provides direction for a rigorous and challenging middle school education program. The revision was developed with the collaboration of a steering committee comprising community and parent stakeholders, as well as representatives from school and administrative offices.

Report on Middle School Reform

The Board discussed the Report on Middle School Reform that outlines goals for raising student performance and increasing the level of academic rigor in middle schools. The report also includes implementation and evaluation plans. The middle school reform initiative is a three-year, $10 million effort.

Presentation of Preliminary Plans

The Board approved preliminary plans for Clarksburg Elementary School # 8, modernization of Galway Elementary School, and improvements to Redland Middle School.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:

Eric A. Wilson, currently principal, Stonegate Elementary School, as principal, Downcounty Consortium Elementary School #28

2006 Annual Report on Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence

The Board discussed the 2006 edition of the Annual Report on Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence, which provides a comprehensive accounting of the school system’s performance on the established milestones and data points of the strategic plan. Additions to the report this year are student and district performance targets for all students and all groups of students, and a new fifth goal representing high-quality administrative operations.

African American History Month

The Board declared February 2007 as African American History Month in Montgomery County Public Schools to actively honor the contributions of African Americans and enhance the awareness of the impact of attitudes and expectations on the achievement of African American students.

Board of Education: Ms. Nancy Navarro, president. Ms. Shirley Brandman, vice president. Members: Mr. Steve Abrams, Mr. Christopher Barclay, Ms. Sharon Cox, Dr. Judy Docca, Mrs. Patricia B. O’Neill, and Ms. Sarah Horvitz, student member. Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent and secretary-treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617.

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