Board Approves Curriculum Frameworks

April 21, 2006
The Board of Education met on Thursday, April 20, and, among other items, scheduled a hearing for public comment on Seven Locks Elementary School facilities options. The Board took final action on a policy on wellness and approved curriculum frameworks on Art, Music, and Physical Education curriculum and the Health Education curriculum framework. Revisions to procedures for selecting architects and professional services consultants were approved. Three administrative appointments were approved. The Board discussed an update on the assignment process in the Northeast Consortium. In addition, the Board recognized the observance of Secretaries Week, National Volunteer Week, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and Teacher Appreciation Week. The Board also heard a report on the status of legislation at the end of the 2006 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

Staff Work Group Report on Seven Locks Elementary School

The Board of Education voted to seek public comment on two potential options regarding the future of Seven Locks Elementary School—build a smaller replacement school at Kendale Road than originally approved by the Board and County Council or move to close the school and reassign its students within the Churchill cluster.

The action followed the release of a joint work group report by County Council and school system staff that identified the Kendale project as significantly less expensive than the other six possible options that would retain a facility at either Kendale or the current school site and address enrollment and facility issues. However, the work group report also identified the potential school closure as the least expensive of any option, saving nearly $5.8 million in construction costs, plus annual savings of $750,000 in operating costs. The public hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 1, 2006, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the Carver Educational Services Center.

Art, Music, and Physical Education Curriculum Frameworks

The Board approved the Art, General/Choral Music, Instrumental Music, and Physical Education curriculum frameworks, which establish the organization and sequence of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each subject/grade level or course.

Health Curriculum Frameworks

The Board approved the Health Education curriculum framework following feedback and input from stakeholders, including the Citizens Advisory Committee for Family Life and Human Development. The framework provides the foundation for the development of curriculum blueprints and instructional guides.

Final Action on Policy JPG, Wellness: Physical and Nutritional Health

The Board took final action on Policy JPG, Wellness: Physical and Nutritional Health. The policy sets forth the Board’s commitment to create a school culture that promotes and protects children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.


The Board approved the following administrative appointments:

Philip J. McGaughey, Jr., currently internal auditor coordinator, Department of Reporting and Regulatory Accountability, as director, Division of Procurement, Department of Materials Management

Karen T. Johnston, currently focus teacher, Grades 3–5, Broad Acres Elementary School, as intersession coordinator, Alternative Calendar School, Broad Acres Elementary School

Donna M. Matthews-Blaney, currently magnet science resource teacher, Takoma Park Middle School, as magnet coordinator, Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology

Revisions to Adopted Procedures for Selecting Architects and Professional Services Consultants

The Board adopted amended revisions to the procedure for selecting architects and other professional services for school construction projects.

Update on the Northeast Consortium Student Assignment Process

The Board discussed an update on the student assignment process for the Northeast Consortium (NEC) and summarized the results of the NEC choice process over the past eight years.

Secretaries Week

The Board recognized the observance of Secretaries Week in honor of the many contributions to excellence in education made by secretarial and clerical staff. Wednesday, April 26, was designated as Secretaries Day in Montgomery County Public Schools.

National Volunteer Week

The Board approved the observance of National Volunteer Week from April 23-29 in recognition of the talents and contributions of nearly 37,000 volunteers who gave more than 3.4 million hours of service to staff and students. Their work provided the equivalent hours of 1,593 full-time, 12-month employees.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Board recognized the observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, honoring the hard work, vision, and achievements of Asian Pacific American students, staff, businesses, and community leaders.

Teacher Appreciation Week

The Board approved the observance of Teacher Appreciation Week from May 7-13 in recognition of the competence and dedication of teachers and of the many ways they serve children and communities with care and professionalism.

Final Report on Legislation

The Board heard a legislative report that summarizes the status of legislation following the adjournment of the 2006 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

New Business

The Board approved a new business resolution to request of the Attorney General of Maryland a legal opinion as to the jurisdiction and authority of the Montgomery County Inspector General vis-à-vis the Montgomery County Public Schools. The Board also agreed to schedule a discussion to address current practices regarding the use of portable communication devices by middle school students.

Board of Education: Dr. Charles Haughey, president. Ms. Sharon Cox, vice president. Members: Mr. Steve Abrams, Ms. Valerie Ervin, Ms. Nancy Navarro, Mrs. Patricia B. O’Neill, Mr. Gabe Romero, and Mr. Sebastian Johnson, student member. Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent and secretary-treasurer. Office of the Board: 301-279-3617.

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