Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

October 10–15, 2022

Inviting all community members to join us virtually

MCPS and the Montgomery County School Psychologists’ Association (MCSPA) will host a free virtual event October 10–15 to give youth and families the opportunity to hear from mental health experts on issues that are important to them. The weeklong expo will feature daily themes, dynamic speakers and informational videos, as well as two live events: a Waymaking Special on Student Mental Health, and a Resource Fair and Q&A session on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Sessions will be available in multiple languages.

Earn Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours

students Students may earn up to 9 SSL hours for viewing videos, attending virtual workshops, and participating in follow-up advocacy action during the 2022 MCPS Mental Health Awareness Week:

Asynchronously, students may earn up to 5 SSL hours for viewing videos tagged as SSL and participating in advocacy action throughout the week. More

  • AFTER viewing up to five (5) sessions throughout the week, students will need to complete the SSL reflection form available at
  • This SSL reflection form will open on Monday, October 10, 2022, and must be fully completed by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 21, 2022, in order to be eligible for SSL hours.
  • Students will earn 1 SSL hour for each session viewed (maximum of 5 SSL hours) and completion of this advocacy exercise.
  • Students, please complete the SSL reflection form AFTER you have viewed all sessions you are interested in (maximum of 5 sessions), and please make sure your responses reflect thoughtful insight into the material presented and accurate and thorough coverage of the content.
  • Students may also earn an additional 2 SSL hours for attending each of the following live events and participating in advocacy action (up to 4 hours total for both events -- information regarding the SSL reflection form for each of these events will be provided at the conclusion of each event):
    • LIVE: Student Voices about Mental Health (Live Q&A Student Panel) - Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
    • LIVE: Mental Health Resource Fair and Q&A Session - Saturday, October 15, 2022, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

    Help is Available

    If you are in need of mental health assistance:

    Montgomery County Hotline:

    301-738-2255 (voice 24/7; text/chat from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, daily)

    Maryland SafeSchools Tipline:

    833-632-7233 (24/7)

    How to Join

    1. 1
      Plan in Advance

      Review the schedule of video titles to find topics that interest you.

      View Schedule

    2. 2
      Watch the Videos

      Come back to this web page during mental health week from October 10–15. Once a video is posted, it will remain on the site.

      Watch Videos

    3. 3
      Join Live Events

      Join the live events on YouTube.

      Wed. Oct. 12 Live: Waymaking Special with Students SSL
      Sat., Oct. 15 - Live: Mental Health Resource Fair and Q&A Session SSL SSL


    Mental health week will feature different mental health themes with videos based on each theme. All videos will become available when mental health week begins. Themes, live events and video topics are listed below.

    Live: Waymaking Special with Students

    Wed., October 12

    This event will highlight student perceptions and concerns regarding their own mental health. Videos from members of the Our Minds Matters club with be interspersed with a panel of student leaders discussing their thoughts and experiences related to mental health, as well as answering questions posed by the audience.

    Link to Watch Coming Soon

    Live: Virtual Resource Fair and Q&A Session

    Saturday, October 15

    The Mental Health Resource Fair is the final event of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022! Learn about mental health resources and supports available from MCPS, county agencies and non-profits. Ask questions to these experts during the Q&A Session. Co-sponsored by MCSPA.

    Link to Watch Coming Soon

    What's New in Montgomery County

    Learn more about new resources available to Montgomery County residents and MCPS students.

    • Well-Being Social Workers
    • 988
    • Youth Ambassadors Program (YAP)
    • Meet the new MCPS School System Medical Officer (SSMO), Dr. Patricia Kapunan
    • Leader In Me
    • Restorative Justice

    Mental Health Careers

    Interested in working in the mental health field? Learn more about different school-based mental health careers.

    • Role of School Psychologists SSL
    • Role of School Counselors SSL
    • Role of Pupil Personnel Workers SSL
    • Role of Parent Community Coordinators SSL
    • Role of ESOL Transition Counselors SSL

    Mental Health Matters

    Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by learning more about mental health and neurodiversity.

    • LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health SSL
    • Supporting Nonbinary & Transgender Students at Home & School
    • Asian American Identity & Mental Health SSL
    • Grief and Loss SSL
    • Depression SSL
    • Mental Health in Kids Series (3 videos) SSL
    • Mental Health in Communities of Faith SSL
    • Eating Disorder SSL
    • Anxiety SSL
    • ADHD
    • Autism

    Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

    Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by learning more about mental health and neurodiversity.

    • School Climate and Me: Identifying Social and Emotional Supports as a Black Youth for Thriving in a Positive and Equitable School Climate NEW SSL
    • Supporting Nonbinary & Transgender Students at Home & School
    • Discrimination in the Asian Community
    • Discrimination in the Black and Brown Community
    • Student Concerns in the LGBTQ+ Community
    • Ally Building and Creating Safe Spaces for Asian American Students

    Personal Safety

    • The Mental Health and Substance Use Connection NEW SSL
    • Social Media Safety SSL
    • Dating Violence SSL
    • Anti-Vaping Symposium SSL
    • Signs of Suicide Parent Training
    • Signs of Suicide
    • Minimizing Meltdowns
    • Domestic Violence
    • Coping and Living with Substance Use Disorder (English & Spanish)

    Physical Wellbeing

    • Healthy Habits NEW SSL
    • Effects of Physical Activity on Mental Health NEW SSL
    • How Physical Education Supports Teaching Mental Health Coping Strategies NEW SSL
    • The Impact of Exercise and Routine on Mental Health SSL
    • Mindful Eating SSL
    • Positive Self Talk SSL
    • It's Time to Catch Some ZZZ's: Developing Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Mental Health SSL


    • Graduation Motivation NEW SSL
    • Delayed Gratification NEW
    • Thinking about our Thoughts: Vocabulary for Students Pursuing ALO and Their Caregivers SSL
    • Stress Management SSL
    • Mindfulness Self-Care Toolbox SSL
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Developing Routines, Strategies, and Activites to Improve Learning (Spanish)

    Relationship Building

    • The Four Supports Everyone Needs SSL
    • How to Have a Respectful Disagreement on Any Topic SSL
    • How to Talk to Parents about Tough Topics SSL
    • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Friendships SSL
    • Social Skills for Younger Children
    • How to Talk so Your Teens Will Listen
    • Communication in Relationships
    Watch videos from previous year's virtual Mental Health Awareness Week events.