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Schools celebrate Pi Day with activities Schools celebrate Pi Day with activities

Northwood High School was one of a number of schools  that celebrated Pi Day on March 14. Pi—approximately 3.14159—represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry. Students gathered in the stadium to display one of the many digits of pi, then returned to class for a variety of pi-related activities.

Panasonic visits cutting edge schools Panasonic visits cutting edge schools Video story icon

Panasonic Foundation officials visited schools to observe cutting-edge practices in middle school reform, rigorous instruction, diversity training and use of data for decision making. A November 2007 Panasonic publication focused on the school system’s sustained, successful efforts to narrow the achievement gap by race and poverty, featuring programs at Viers Mill ES and Gaithersburg HS. The foundation partners with school districts to develop models that support achievement of all students.

Artist and scholar Zhu exhibits at gallery Artist and scholar Zhu exhibits at gallery

An exhibition of Montgomery Blair senior Julie Zhu’s oil paintings, including a self-portrait and a portrait of her father, was held recently at the Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery at Glen Echo Park. Zhu is Montgomery County’s only Presidential Scholars candidate in the arts and the only candidate in the state named in both the academic and arts components of the program. There are 15 MCPS candidates for the prestigious award.

Sherwood HS rocks Sherwood HS rocks Video story icon

Sherwood High School in Silver Spring is "a community school and a school of academic excellence," says Principal Bill Gregory. One way the school excels is through its Global Studies Program, where there is a focus on international perspectives. This weekend students celebrate the 37th annual Rock & Roll Revival, a countywide favorite.

Tool helps examine SAT performance Tool helps examine SAT performance

High school principals and staff explore interactive reports that allow them to view SAT performance and participation compared with the past five years. The new tool can show individual student data, use PSAT data as predictors of SAT readiness and compare school performance throughout the school system. The Class of 2007 set new participation records on the SAT and ACT, with double-digit increases in SAT participation for both African American and Latino students.

Literacy coaches in middle school Literacy coaches in middle school

Literacy coaches, a vital component of middle school reform, guide teachers in embedding literacy strategies into instruction. For example, Ramona Howard-Turner of Benjamin Banneker Middle School works with art teacher Jennifer Espinoza to encourage students to read about Chagall to gain insight into his work. Literacy coaches are in four middle schools in addition to Banneker—Earle B. Wood, Sligo, Roberto Clemente and Montgomery Village.

Preparing students for the future Preparing students for the future Video story icon

The Transition Unit prepares special education students for independent living and success as they make the transition from high school to college, vocational training or employment. Staff and business partners work with about 5,000 students each year to provide services that include work and daily living skills.

Watch Board of Ed meeting March 11 Watch Board of Ed meeting March 11

The Board of Education's all-day business meeting will be webcast live starting at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 11. You need the free Windows MediaPlayer on your computer to view the meeting.