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The two candidates for the 43rd SMOB are Mr. Nick Asante, a junior at Richard Montgomery High School and Ms. Vicky Kidder, a junior at Magruder High School. All secondary students will receive an email on May 20 with a link to the ballot.

Social Emotional Social Emotional Video story icon

The Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement has begun a new video series covering social emotional supports and student well-being entitled MCPS Waymaking. This pilot issue tackles identification of stress that students may exhibit and is aimed at providing support to our parent community and community at large.

Alert MCPS Alert MCPS Video story icon

Learn how to subscribe to Alert MCPS and receive text messages or email from MCPS during emergencies, as well as systemwide messages of significant importance. 

Superintendent's Blog Superintendent's Blog

Read the latest edition of the Superintendent's All In Blog, It begins... I get a lot of emails. Hundreds on most days and sometimes, two or three times that many. Some of them are logistical; some are informational; and others are personal. Many messages come and go out of my email box, but some stick with me and change the way I view a situation or relate to others. These are the messages that really matter.

BOE Meeting 04-21-2020 BOE Meeting 04-21-2020

The Montgomery County Board of Education will hold a virtual business meeting on April 21. Public items will start at 10:30 a.m. Watch the meeting live on Comcast Channel 34, Verizon Channel 36 and RCN Channel 88. You may also listen on your phone via 1-202-860-2110 - Access code: 619 370 025

Mindful Moments Mindful Moments Video story icon

MCPS TV has created a series of mindfulness videos to deliver simple and effective tools to help children and adults of all ages manage anxiety and stress. See below for a link to the video series.

Continuity of Learning Continuity of Learning

MCPS staff has been working diligently to develop a continuity of learning (distance/remote learning) plan that addresses the academic and non-academic needs of our students. Beginning Monday, March 30, MCPS will launch the first phase of our remote learning system that will provide students with structured school experiences.

Please visit www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/coronavirus/continuity-of-learning/

Mental Health Mental Health Video story icon

Parents are not only learning new technology and assisting their children with learning online they are also learning how to talk to their kids about this pandemic. The MCPS TV program FYI explores these issues with Dr. Christina Conolly from MCPS Psychological Services