Grading and Reporting Workgroup


The Secondary Grading and Reporting Work Group will review current grading and reporting practices within and among middle and high schools to determine levels of consistency and make recommendations for improvement; identify areas of concern with gradebook practices that fairly and accurately reflect student achievement over time and provide regular and frequent information to students and parents/guardians regarding student progress; and make recommendations for new gradebook implementation in the 2020–2021 school year.

The workgroup will:

  • Review electronic gradebook practices including weighting, categories, and templates and make recommendations for implementation of new gradebook procedures, to begin in 2020–2021, including recommendations for:
    • Assignment weights, categories, and calculation.
    • Consistency of templates in same courses across schools.
    • Weighting of district quarterly assessments.
    • The appropriate range of assignments in a marking period, by category.
    • Expectations for returning graded work and entering in gradebook.
  • Review current semester grade calculation and develop additional options or recommendations.
  • Develop more explicit guidance for implementation of the “fifty percent rule”
  • Develop more explicit guidance for reassessment and providing feedback to students
  • Examine issues related to grade inflation.
  • Examine how attendance factors into students’ grades

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