Graphing Calculators 

“Graphing calculators may be required in some secondary mathematics courses.  The Learnzillion Illustrative Mathematics curriculum provides built-in electronic tools that use Geogebra and Desmos, and the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) allows students to choose between a built-in TI-84 and Desmos.  Geogebra and Desmos are free applications that can be accessed using Chromebooks. 

If a course requires a graphing calculator and the student does not wish to purchase one, the school will loan one for the school year.”

Students who borrow a graphing calculator will be given a financial obligation if the calculator is lost or damaged. The obligation will be for the amount not covered by the deposit.

Schools will loan graphing calculators in working order. Students borrowing graphing calculators may be asked to provide batteries needed to keep them in working order throughout the school year.