Definitions for Course-related Fees

According to Maryland law, all six items identified below need to be purchased with local, state, or federal funds, and supplied and available in ‘sufficient quantity’ for the grade levels, with a few specific exceptions for items that are consumed or become personal property of the student. 

Textbook:  The primary source or sources used throughout the course.

Supplementary Readers:  The secondary source or sources directly used in instruction OR primary source(s) used for a portion of the course.  (Homework is considered part of instruction.)

Materials of Instruction:  Items needed by the educator to instruct the course content and items needed by the student to demonstrate mastery of the course and which do not become the property of or are not consumed by the student.

Audio/Visual Aids:  Equipment used by educator to deliver the curriculum.

Stationery:  Paper and writing utensils not commonly found in the home and required for the student to demonstrate mastery of course objectives.

School Supplies:  Building or office materials needed to operate schools.