Baldrige in My School

How might Baldrige look in my school?

You won’t have to look far to find Baldrige in your school.

Perhaps your principal and teacher have introduced the school’s mission and improvement plan that outlines the school’s goals.

In some schools the goals and progress charts are posted in the front hallway so that any visitor to your school can learn what is important in your school.

How does Baldrige help me participate in my school?

By building a culture of trust and acceptance in your school and classroom, you and your fellow students can be comfortable with providing suggestions for what is working or not working.

Your teachers may be using quality tools to make it easier for you to share your feelings or opinions such as the consensogram, plus/delta, or force field analysis.

Your principal may invite you to a school improvement planning meeting so that you can share your opinions about progress of students in your school

How does Baldrige improve my experience in school?

Everyone in the school is on the same page. For example:

Your classroom mission and goals are aligned (lined up) with those of the school and other classes for consistency throughout the school

Teachers may be speaking the "same language" whether they are talking about writing skills or core values. Imagine how much time is saved every year when teachers can build on the vocabulary and skills you learned during the previous year!

How does Baldrige help everyone in my school contribute to student achievement?

In a Baldrige-guided school, everyone knows the mission and goals of your school and understands how to contribute to student achievement. Don’t be surprised if:

  • The cafeteria staff stop you to inquire about your progress in reading
  • The school secretary invites you to read to her/him
  • Your principal checks on your progress with your personal goals during classroom visits
  • Building services gets into the act and, for example, uses the power of data to inform students regarding the upkeep of their classrooms

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