PDSA Cycle

Example of PDSA chart
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Example of PDSA chart
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The PDSA cycle for continuous improvement can be used by the class or individual students to:

  • determine areas that need to be improved to guide the development of an improvement plan (Plan)
  • implement the improvement plan (Do)
  • analyze whether or not the improvement strategy is making a difference (Study)
  • use the data to make decisions (Act)

Note: When acting upon the results of the PDSA cycle, it is equally important to sustain an action that brings the desired results as it is to reinitiate the PDSA cycle when the desired results are not obtained.

Examples: When goals/objectives (academic or behavioral) for the class or individual student are not reached, analyze the cause and develop a plan for alternative approaches or interventions. Implement the intervention and study the results. Act upon the results. (See the Glossary for an explanation and application of the PDSA cycle and "My Job, Your Job, Our Job: Bulding a Classroom Learning System" for applications of the PDSA cycle.)
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