How Baldrige Helps Me Learn

How will Baldrige help me with my own personal learning?


To help you organize yourself for learning, you will:

Put together a data notebook or folders to keep track of your goals/objectives, action plans, and charts to monitor your progress Individualize your rate of learning

To help you with problem-solving and decision-making, you will:

Use quality tools to analyze your progress and make decisions.


Example: When the data indicate that learning is slowing down or stopping, it is important to address the situation rapidly so that valuable time is not lost. Using the plus/delta or force field analysis tools might be a quick way to get a handle on what is working or not working.


Work with the PDSA cycle to continuously improve.


Example: If the problem turns out to be tricky, you may wish to incorporate the PDSA cycle placing emphasis on finding the cause of the problem, putting in a plan for action, studying the results and then deciding what worked and didn’t work. Start over with the cycle if you need to!

Why is it important for me to set personal goals?

Setting personal goals helps you to write goals specific to your own needs.

Helpful hints

  • Being specific helps you understand exactly what you need to be learning
  • Develop goals that are realistic and manageable
  • Setting personal goals helps you to monitor and evaluate your learning.
  • Take note of your strengths and weaknesses and strategies that work or do not work for you

How do I write good goals?

  • Be realistic by asking yourself, “What is possible for me to do?”
  • Break your goal into manageable steps by asking yourself, “What do I need to do to get to the next level or grade?” If your grade is currently a “C”, figure out what you need to do to get a “B” before handling the expectations of an “A”.
  • Be specific so that you are clear by asking yourself, “What exactly do I want to accomplish?”
  • Make sure that your goal is measurable by asking yourself, “How will I know that I have made progress?”
  • Create action plans to reach your goal by asking yourself, “What steps do I need to take to make sure that I reach my goal?”

How do I exceed my goals?

An important concept in Baldrige is continuous improvement. Your progress should continue upwards and onward as you work towards
s t r e t c h goals. What do you think a stretch goal is?