Baldrige and My Future

How can Baldrige help me now and in the future?

As schools are working to help you with learning today, they are also preparing you for your future. In fact, the mission (purpose) statements of many schools include how they will prepare students to be “contributing members of a global society.”

Baldrige will help you:

  • Get your act together for learning
  • Set realistic goals for yourself
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Learn what to do when you are not making progress
  • Make good decisions for yourself

By high school graduation, you will have learned skills that will help you succeed in the workplace.

You will learn to:

  • Participate
  • Contribute your ideas
  • Respect the contributions of others
  • Work with people from other cultures, who speak other languages, and have different abilities
  • Create goals that are
    • Measurable (Can I measure my progress?)
    • Attainable (Is my goal within my reach?)
    • Focused on results (What difference did my effort make?)
    • Use quality tools to solve problems
  • Focus on continuing to get better at learning (also known as continuous improvement )
  • Make decisions based on facts
  • Link processes (or ways of doing specific tasks) together to create a system (or set of processes) that will help your classroom/school/business achieve high standards

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