Baldrige in My Classroom

How do we use Baldrige in my classroom(s)?

With the support of your teacher(s), you and your classmates are or will be:


  • Thinking about what is important to you based on expectations of future teachers, schools, and employers – so that you can.
  • Write class and personal mission statements that describe who you are and where you are headed.
  • Develop measurable class and personal goals to support that mission.

How will Baldrige help my classroom continue to improve?

To keep you and your class going in the right direction, you will:

  • Learn how to problem-solve. Problem-solving helps you overcome challenges. In problem-solving you will use quality tools and the “Plan, Do, Study, Act” (PDSA) cycle
    so that you can...
  • Develop action plans to reach your goals
    so that you can...
  • Design graphs to track your progress
    so that you can...
  • Evaluate what worked and what might be improved.


Want to know more?

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