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The Classroom Culture

What is a Classroom Culture?
Why is a Classroom Culture Important?
How is the Culture Developed?

What is a Classroom Culture?

A classroom with students working

A classroom culture of trust and acceptance is the foundation for establishing an environment in which students are empowered and comfortable with:

  • providing feedback to continuously improve classroom teaching and learning
  • learning from mistakes to enhance achievement
  • aiming for "stretch" goals to maximize their potential

Why is a Classroom Culture Important?

Without acceptance and trust, students' energy may be diverted from learning to self-protection. A trusting environment empowers students to become accountable for their own learning and the learning of others. Learning accountability will prepare them for lifelong achievement and taking responsibility in the workplace.

In a classroom culture that supports students as co-producers of their learning, students:

Teacher and student working together
  • understand explicitly the expectations of the curriculum
  • see the curriculum as a basis for developing their mission
  • formulate goals that will help them realize their mission
  • monitor their achievement towards their goals
  • accept feedback in a positive and constructive manner

How is the Culture Developed?

The development of a Baldrige-guided classroom learning system begins with establishing a culture of acceptance and trust. To do this, the teacher needs to:

  • encourage students to participate and engage in process thinking
  • model acceptance and respect as students offer ideas to improve the classroom culture or learning system
  • act upon students' suggestions to reinforce the value of student input

Ways to get students to participate and communicate using quality tools:

Students collaborating

Remember: quality tools are not the end in of themselves but the means toward the goal of developing an open and trusting culture as the foundation of the classroom learning system.

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