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Best Practices

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Welcome to the best practices resource site for MCPS staff by MCPS staff. This site has been created to provide sharing of best practices including lesson plans, the use of quality tools, and formative assessments. Staff members are invited to share strategies with other schools to link to this web site by forwarding (via e-mail) their materials for review to Eve Wetten.

Best Practices for Staff

Elementary Data Notebooks | Secondary Data Notebooks | Quality Tools | MCPS contributed Resources

Elementary Data Notebooks

a. Table of Contents for Data Notebooks[zip]

  • Table of Contents Components [doc]
  • Table of Contens (Suggestions) [doc]

b. Preschool Resources

  • Monitoring homework (Carson) [doc]
  • Parent letter regarding data notebooks (Carson) [doc]
  • Parent comment sheet (Carson) [doc]
  • Ground rules (Carson) [doc]

c. Kindergarten Data Notebooks [zip]

  • Generic Kindergarten Data Notebooks [doc]
  • Homework Data Notebook Templates [doc]

b. Goal Setting and Action Planning [zip]

  • Action Plan (What, How, When) [doc]
  • Action Plan for a Class [doc]
  • Action Plan for Reading [doc]
  • Action Plan for Writing I [doc]
  • Action Plan for Writing II [doc]
  • Action Plan for Writing Template [doc]
  • Goal Analysis [doc]
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan [doc]

d. Language Arts Monitoring Charts

  • Elementary Reading [zip]
    • 1st Grade Sight Words [doc]
    • 2nd Grade Sight Words [doc]
    • 3rd High Frequency Words [doc]
    • 5th Grade Reading indicator Monitoring Tool [doc]
    • BCR Data Monitoring Tool I [doc]
    • BCR Data Monitoring Tool II [doc]
    • BCR Data Monitoring Tool III [doc]
    • BCR Data Monitoring Tool with Plus Delta [doc]
    • BCR Data Monitoring Tool with Response Sheet/Rurbic [doc]
    • BCR Goal Setting Monitoring Tool [doc]
    • DOL Data Notebook Monitoring Tool [doc]
    • Goal Analysis and Goal Templates [doc]
    • Reading Level Data Monitoring Tool by level [doc]
    • Reading Level Data Monitoring Tool by Levels for K-1 [doc]
    • Reading Level Monitoring Tool for K-1 [doc]
    • Reading Log [doc]
    • Student BCR Analysis [doc]
  • Elementary Writing Language Arts [zip]
    • 2003 Writing Stages [doc]
    • 2005 Checklist - All Intents [doc]
    • Models [doc]
    • Spellling Data Monitoring Tool [doc]
    • Spelling Data Monitoring Tools w/ 1st and 2nd grade word lists [doc]
    • Student Reflection Form for Writing [doc]
    • Writing Data Monitoring Tool [doc]

e. Math Monitoring Charts [zip]

  • 1.1 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 1.2 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 2.2 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 3.1 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 4.1 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 4.2 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 5.1 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • 5.2 Math Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • Basic Facts Graph [doc]
  • Basic Facts Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • Divising Facts Chart [doc]
  • Mad Minute Progress [doc]
  • Math BCR Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • Math Data Notebook Templates [doc]
  • Math Quiz Monitoring Tool I [doc]
  • Math Quiz Monitoring Tool II [doc]
  • Multiplication Electronic Data Collection [xls]
  • Multiplication Facts on a Lotus Diagram [doc]
  • Multiplication Monitoring Tool useing a Radar Chart [doc]

f. Learning Skills Monitoring Charts [zip]

  • Assignment Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • Behavior Monitoring Tool IV [doc]
  • Behavior Monitoring Tool - Radar Chart [xls]
  • Behavior Monitoring Tool I [doc]
  • Behavior Monitoring Tool II [doc]
  • Behavior Monitoring Tool III [doc]
  • Center Behavior Monitoring Tool [doc]
  • Homework Data Monitoring Tool I [doc]
  • Homework Data Monitoring Tool II [doc]
  • Learning Skills Monitoring Tool I [doc]
  • Learning Skills Monitoring Tool II [doc]
  • Studying Scattergram Monitoring Tool [doc]

g. Parent Communication Tools[zip]

  • Flow Chart Homework [doc]
  • Parent Feedback Form I [doc]
  • Parent Feedback Form II [doc]
  • Parent Reflection Form [doc]

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Secondary Data Notebooks

  • Complete Document [Zipped Word]
  • Table of Contents[pdf] [doc]
  • I. A. Mission Statement Example[pdf] [doc]
  • I. B. My Job, Your Job, Parents' Job, Our Job Template[pdf] [doc]
  • I. C. My Core Values[pdf] [doc]
  • I. D. Ground Rules[pdf] [doc]
  • II. A. Goal Setting[pdf] [doc]
  • II. B. My Action Plan[pdf] [doc]
  • II. C. My Academic Goal for 2nd Quarter[pdf] [doc]
  • II. D. Interim Grade Evaluation 2nd Marking Period[pdf] [doc]
  • II. E. Interim Report Reflections and Goals[pdf] [doc]
  • II. F. Review of My Academic Goal for Quarter[pdf] [doc]
  • II. G. Report Card Reflection and Goals[pdf] [doc]
  • III. A. Social Studies Grade Record Sheet[pdf] [doc]
  • III. B. 2nd Quarter Grade-Record Reflections Sheet[pdf] [doc]
  • III. C. Monitoring Brief Constructed Response _BCR_[pdf] [doc]
  • III. D. Monitoring Extended Constructed Response[pdf] [doc]
  • III. E. Example Algebra IB Indicators[pdf] [doc]
  • III. F. Example Algebra 5A 5B Indicators Reflections with Plus Delta[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. A. Plan, Do, Study, Act[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. B. Force Field Analysis[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. C. Plus Delta[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. D. Lotus Diagram[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. E. Flow Chart[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. F. Fishbone Diagram[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. G. Parking Lot[pdf] [doc]
  • IV. H. Ladder[pdf] [doc]

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Quality Tools [zip]

a. Toolbox for Teachers

  • Bone Diagram Example [doc]
  • Bone Diagram Template [doc]
  • Bull's Eye [doc]
  • Consensogram Template I [doc]
  • Consensogram Template II [doc]
  • Consensogram Template III [doc]
  • Correlation Chart Example [doc]
  • Decision and Action Record [doc]
  • Fishbone Template [doc]
  • Flow Chart Example I [doc]
  • Flow Chart Example II [doc]
  • Force Field Analysis Example [doc]
  • Force field Analysis Template [doc]
  • Four Quadrant Diagram Template [doc]
  • Graph Example [doc]
  • Ladder Diagram Example I [doc]
  • Ladder Diagram Example II [doc]
  • Ladder Diagram Temaplte [doc]
  • Lotus Diagram Template [doc]
  • PDSA Template [doc]
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Example [doc]
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Template I [doc]
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Template II [doc]
  • Radar Chart Example [xls]
  • Radar Tool Template [xls]
  • Spider Diagram Example [doc]

b. Additional Quality Tools

Download as One Document [doc] [pdf]

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Resources Contributed by MCPS staff

Monitoring Tools

Action Planning

Data Notebooks


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